HIIT Skipping Circuit

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is my favourite to do at the gym when I’m feeling lazy but want still want to get in a quick + effective workout. I stumbled upon this HIIT skipping workout on Instagram and if you guys haven’t gotten on the Instagram workout train, do it. Honestly, it’s the best place to find free workouts – you can piece smaller ones together for a larger gym session or if you follow someone like Katie Crew or Alexia Clark, you get full workouts! I wish I could remember where this workout came from (I want to say Alexia Clark, but I could be wrong) so I’m sorry to whoever deserves credit. If I find the Instagram video again, I’ll definitely link it here.

HIIT training is a form of interval training where you alternate short periods of intense periods and then less intense ‘recovery periods’. When I was doing BBG I would do HIIT sprints on the treadmill (running on twelve speed, 30 – 60 seconds on, then rest for equal amounts of time) but I was looking for something a bit more ‘entertaining’. I hate the treadmill!! Anyways … without further delay, here’s the HIIT Skipping Circuit! I will add that I like to do a 30 second warm up and at least a minute cool down of light skipping.

3 Rounds, 30 Seconds for Each Exercise, 13.5 minutes total


Light Skipping
Fast High Knees
Back + Forth Split Skips
Right Single Leg Hop
Left Single Leg Hop
Star Skips (like jumping jacks)
Single Leg Alternating Double Skip
Fast High Knees

PS: I love the app ‘Seconds’ for timing intervals. It’s one of the few apps I paid for (a whopping $6.99) so that I would be able to save different timers. It reads out the exercises and counts down the last few seconds so it’s perfect to ‘set and forget’, especially for HIIT intervals like this one. Now go get your sweat on! 


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