Waste of Money or Totally Worth it? Review: ‘Sweat’ App by Kayla Itsines

I could write this post in three words and be done with it: Waste of money!! But, I want to explain why it’s a waste of money. I have a hate-hate relationship with Kayla Itsines and her ‘BBG’ guide. Hang tight, this will make sense at the end. I tried to give BBG another chance, but they’ve lost me for good.

The “Sweat” app itself is free and offers a 7-day trial, which gives you access to Kayla Itsines’ “Instagram Famous” workout, Bikini Body Guide (#BBG). BBG originally came as a PDF that you could purchase online then download to your phone but Kayla eventually built an app called “Sweat” that would have all of the workouts in it (plus some additional information) and would also be available on your Apple Watch – easier to use than the PDF’s, with videos in the app to show you how to do the exercises, and overall is more interactive (blah blah, whatever the benefits of apps are – I’m not here to sell it).

Once your trial is over, it costs $19.99 a month (AUD) or $54.99 a quarter (AUD) to continue to have access. Keep in mind, you still pay for the app even if you’ve previously paid to download the PDF’s (which I paid a discounted $40 to have).

Here’s where things get weird. I had given up on BBG for a while but was going to try to get back into it once I got my Apple Watch (new toy for the gym, I guess). I received an email from “Kayla Itsines” saying they were giving away “unlimited access” to the app content for $19.99. I figured it was a good deal, so I bought it. I got an email confirmation from kaylaitsinessales@gmail.com (which is the same email I received the original confirmation from a year ago when I bought the PDFs). I was having some issues with the app and getting access so I had emailed them back and forth a few times and they were really quick at getting back to me. I was assured after my 7-day free trial I would have no problem using my “unlimited access” and it would automatically be put on my account.

Fast forward to day 8 and I can no longer access “Sweat” and can’t get a hold of Kayla Itsines’ customer service team. Granted I only paid $20 for the app, I was mad that they weren’t holding up their end of the bargain – they had confirmed I wouldn’t have issues and now bam! Issues. Girl just wants to get her workout on.

After days and days of countless emails, Instagram messages, tweets to Kayla (borderline trolling), I finally got a response from her saying I needed to email teamleader@sweat.com. I did and again waited days for a response. When they did, this is what they said:



This is where I get really annoyed. The part that is confusing to me is that your original PDF guide came from the same email they’re claiming is not associated with the company.

The other thing that really gets me is that this so called “scam” has clearly been emailed out to their customer base yet Kayla herself hasn’t addressed it in social media, warning her 7.3 million Instagram followers that this is a “scam”. That seems really fishy to me. You have millions of loyal women following your business, your workouts, you as a someone they look up to and you’re willingly letting them be scammed and that is your response?

I don’t want my money back from Kayla at this point – $20 is nothing. Whether or not the scam is real or fake, the way Kayla and her company have handled the situation and their lack of acknowledgment are disgusting.

I want to know if any other girls in the BBG Community have experienced this! Either way, I hope you guys read this as a warning to proceed with Kayla Itsines with caution.


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