Four Years Later

Today, I officially dropped the ‘wordpress’ from my URL and am solely – which is a pretty cool feeling. I think taking a URL makes this more serious and real, and I hope to dedicate more time to growing this into something consistent.

Four years ago I wrote a post when I originally ‘re-started’ this blog and after reading it, it’s funny how things have changed. I wrote ten things about myself that were interesting and different but in the past few years, some of those have changed.

2014 – I’m adopted – much like some people have a fun party trick they like to show off, I like to share this with people.  And no, I don’t get offended if you ask questions about it. // 2018 – This is still the same but as a slight update, in August 2015 I found my birth mom through Facebook and have met my half sister and brother since then.

2014 – In kindergarden, I locked myself in the bathroom on Friday afternoon and could have sworn I’d be in there all weekend.  This is a vivid memory in my mind // 2018 – this is still a vivid memory. It was terrifying.

2014 – I have a serious shopping addiction – I’ll online shop with apps on my phone while I wait for people, on my computer at work in downtime, after work if I ‘miss my train’, etc. It’s a problem.  I’m working on it. // 2018 – I have worked on it! I don’t commute on the GO train, so I have less time to do it. But overall, I do shop less. I got a lot better with my money and talk about it here.

2014 – I have this strange tendency to only set my alarms (phone, microwave, etc.) to end in “3” or “7” (like, 7:37 or 7:33).  However if I’m working out at the gym, I can only stop if the calorie count ends in “0” or “5”.  I don’t know what that’s about. // 2018 – Still true, still weird.

2014 – I’m going through a huge Gavin DeGraw phase right now.  When I say huge, I mean I downloaded six albums and I haven’t listened to anything but that in weeks. // 2018 – This is 100% still accurate. My dreams came true in October when I saw him with my girl Amanda and it was literally the best over priced concert ticket I could have spent my hard earned money on.

2014 – My drink of choice is Pinot Grigio.  I don’t care where it’s from, if it’s a Pinot Grigio, I’m a happy camper. // 2018 – This is hilarious, for many reasons. One, I don’t drink white wine hardly ever anymore. If I drank  wine, it’d be a Cab Sauv or a nice red but overall I never drink anymore. I could count on my hands how many times I drank last year.

2014 – My all-time favourite movie is “Remember The Titans”.  I could quote that movie start to finish and I’ll never get tired of it. // 2018 – Still kind of true but I read a terrible post online about all the things from the movie that were inaccurate or elaborated by Disney and it ruined the movie for me and I haven’t watched it since then.

2014 – I have this thing about only buying ‘premium’ denim.  Call me snobby, but put on a pair of well fitting Citizen’s and tell me I’m wrong.  And if that’s the case, I don’t want to be right. // 2018 – Yeah, still true.

2014 – I may or may not have a slight Buzzfeed addiction.  Check out my twitter, you’ll understand. // 2018 – No longer addicted, don’t tweet regularly anymore either.

2014 – I’m a little OCD so I needed this list to be an even ten things.  I should have stopped at five because I don’t know what else to tell you lovely people.  Perhaps that my absolute favourite lipstick shade “Fig” by Smashbox. // 2018 – This is still a good one, but I love a good matte lipstick now. Would say my go to would be Lolita by Kat Von D or TBT by Tartiest



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