Product Review: Herbaland Vegan Protein Gummies

I really, really struggle with getting enough protein in on a daily basis. For the amount that I am active, I have to make sure that my body is getting enough of the right food and without the help of protein filled drinks or other supplements with added protein, I’d find it really difficult.

Enter Herbaland’s Vegan Protein Gummies. When I first heard about these it was from an Instagram story raving about how awesome they were. I figured I should check them out! Here’s the lowdown on these little guys:

  • Made with a plant-based protein + fair trade ingredients
  • All-natural, non-GMO
  • Low-sugar
  • CGMP certified vegan formula
  • 28g fiber, 10g protein, and 1g of sugar per serving
  • Soy, fat, dairy, and nut-free
  • Comes in 5 flavours (Fantastic Fruit, Wildberry, Papaya Paradise, Banana, and Kiwi and Friends)

You can purchase them in a case of 12 for $40 or individually at $3.50 per package (so, a slight discount if you by them by the case) – this doesn’t account for shipping fees. I ordered directly from Herbaland’s website, but you can also buy them on Amazon, where they do free same-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime (wish I knew this when I first got mine).

What are my thoughts? 

I was pretty surprised that these gummies actually tasted good – I wasn’t expecting much! Most things that have added protein taste like … well, protein. But these ones taste fruity and pretty delicious (I bought the Fantastic Fruit case).

The only downside of the gummies is the texture. They’re not chewing but more of a stiff, hard consistency. They kind of go from a sold to feeling a bit powdery as you eat them, which is a bit weird.

The serving size is quite hefty as well – I used them as a pre-workout snack but ended up eating only half the package. So, I would say for what you pay, you’re getting your money’s worth!

Overall, would I buy these again? Maybe. The texture throws me off a bit, but in comparison to other protein snacks I’ve tried, these are definitely my favourite. Would I try other Herbaland products? Absolutely.

Have you guys tried these or any other protein gummies? Let me know if you have other recommendations I should try!



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