Hello, High Protein Foods!

Carbs, fat and protein – the three foundations of any meal. The first two are debatable about which is more important or how much you need of each but everyone can agree on one thing: protein is important.

But why? It can help you manage your weight (by filling you up) and increase your muscle mass and strength. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels (insulin helps metabolize protein, carbs, and fat – but protein needs less insulin than fat does!).  How much protein you need depends on your body makeup, diet and daily activity (you can read more about that here) but you need to make sure you’re getting enough every day.

So, what can I eat? Here’s a list of delicious, high protein foods you can fit into your daily meals:

  • Eggs – 6g of protein (1 large egg)
  • Almonds – 6g of protein (28g serving)
  • Chicken Breast – 53g protein (1 roasted chicken breast, no skin)
  • Oats – 13g of protein (1/2 a cup of raw oats)
  • Cottage Cheese – 27g of protein (1 cup)
  • Greek Yogurt – 17g of protein (170g serving)
  • Milk – 8g of protein (1 cup)
  • Lean Beef – 22g of protein (85g of cooked beef)
  • Tuna – 39g of protein (154g serving)
  • Lentils – 18g of protein (1 cup of boiled lentils)
  • Turkey Breast – 24g of protein (3oz serving)
  • Brussel Sprouts – 2g of protein (1/2 cup)
  • Bone Broth – 20g of protein (1/4 cup)
  • Salmon – 17g of protein (3oz)
Thanks to this article and this one for sharing some protein information for this post!




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