Do It for the ‘Gram

I certainly don’t do it for the gram (if you follow me, you’ll now I strictly post pictures of my feet #FromWhereIStand) but I love to follow people who do.

One thing that really helped me get into fitness was watching countless Instagram videos and following some pretty amazing women that could motivate me and show me the right way to workout. I was primarily interested – and still am – in lifting weights, toning up, and being strong and healthy and therefore, the accounts I follow are all like that.

The one thing these ladies all have in common is a positive body image. Strong is healthy and being stick thin isn’t their goal. I love it.

If you’re looking for some fitness inspiration or need help with workout ideas, check out some of these Instagram profiles!

  1. Alexia Clark – (or as J refers to her as “our badass woman”) – known for creative workouts where you’ll never get bored. She posts quick workout routines on her page and stories along with inspirational quotes and outfit details. She also has a fitness program you can subscribe to (which I used for 3 months when I was first getting started) that is like the videos on her profile, just much more involved (and totally worth the price)
  2. Cristina Capron – I’m currently using her workout program + app called CCFIT and it’s been my favourite ‘online’ workout that I’ve purchased so far. Unlike the other programs I’ve tried, hers is all on a handy app, which is key. This girl keeps it real and I love how quick and effective her workouts are.
  3. Katie Crewe – This girl is seriously #goals and it’s even better that she’s from Toronto. She can do some pretty serious pushup sets like it’s nobody’s business and is focused on being strong, healthy and confident. She is always showing progressive exercises (like how to go from a regular pushup to an explosive pushup or an assisted pistol squat to a full pistol squat), which is key for beginners. She also has a workout guide that comes with an accompanying nutrition guide (I’ve bought but haven’t tried yet – but the nutrition part is really helpful).
  4. Nikki @ JustGetFit – I love Nikki’s instagram for a whole other reason. I often talk about how bad I am at nutrition and meal prepping and that is this girls jam. She is truly amazing when it comes to eating right and working out and one day, hopefully, I can meal prep just like her. She posts workouts in her stories but writes a lot about good eating habits.

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments!


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