Cropped (Top) is Better

A year ago you would not have caught me dead working out in a crop top. A big part of this opinion stemmed from a lack of confidence in my own body but things have changed a lot! My gym routine and new found love for spinning have really helped build up my body confidence, making me feel more comfortable wearing things I would have shied away from before.

Here are some of my favourite workout crop tops to keep you looking great and feeling confident!

  1. RYU Apparel – Lightweight, racerback, light support, quick drying, sweat-wicking padded
  2. Break Free Tank by Lululemon – Lightweight, two in one tank and bra, racerback, quick drying, sweat-wicking, padded, light support
  3. Slashback Crop by Outdoor Voices – Sweat-wicking, high coverage, supportive
  4. Ignite Crop Top by MICHI – Side mesh panels, padded
RYU Apparel // Break Free Tank by Lululemon //Slashback Crop by Outdoor Voices // Slashback Crop by Outdoor Voices



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