FAQ: Which Weights Are Right For Me?

As a beginner in the workout world, it’s so confusing to figure out where to start. What is this machine? How does it work? The little diagram doesn’t tell me anything! What do I do with the weights? Are these called dumbbells? Kettlebells? What’s a barbell? What weight do I start with?

You’ve made it to the gym – that’s the first (and probably hardest) step! But when it comes to lifting or using weights, how do you figure which weight is the right one? Pick the one that looks the least scary? Grab as heavy as you can and pray you can finish your reps and sets? The easiest way is to let your body decide!

  1. You don’t want your weights to be too light – if you can do 100 reps without breaking a sweat and still smiling, they’re definitely too light. If you can’t feel a thing, it’s not gonna’ do a thing
  2. You don’t want your weights to be too heavy, either – if you can barely finish 2 or 3 reps, they’re too heavy. Not only will your workout be done in a flash, but you risk injury if they’re too heavy (your form is likely not going to be the best either at this point)

The sweet spot is finding a weight that you can do 10-12 reps with where you start to struggle with the last three.

I like to track my weights in an app called “Strong” and once I find the workout is getting too easy, I up my weights. This is another great way to track progression as you train!

Happy lifting!